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A fireplace is an excellent solution to heat the house and create nice atmosphere at the same time. There is nothing better for winter and autumn evenings than spending beautiful moments in front of the fireplace with friends and family, with a glass of a favourite drink in hand. We have been building fireplaces for 20 years as, both in Poland and in Germany. Besides, we specialise in design and installation of the hot air distribution systems and integration of fireplaces in water jacket with the central heating.

In recent years looks of the fireplace designs have been revolutionised. 10 years ago the most dominant were rustic fireplaces, built in large part of sandstone. A few years ago, modern fireplaces started to prevail. They are built mostly of granite, marble, travertine and onyx. Recently, the Laminam quartz sinters have become extremely popular, replacing even natural stones. Quartz sinters are manufactured in large-sized slabs of a very small thickness (even 3.5mm). Quartz sinters properties are excellent because the Lamiam is resistant to almost all factors, such as temperature, scratches etc. A vast spectrum of textures and colours, as well as the high quality make the Laminam quartz sinters currently the best material to build fireplaces, kitchen worktops, furniture fronts, facades, walls finishing, flooring etc. Despite stricter ecological standards, the most popular are wood fireplaces giving the most fun and a lot of warmth. All our fireplaces comply with the latest Polish ecological standard Ekoprojekt. We offer fireplace inserts of different sizes, with different shapes of glass. They are both inserts with lifting glass and with side opening doors. We usually offer to our customers Polish fireplace inserts manufactured by companies like:, Arysto, Hajduk, Hitze, German fireplace inserts: Spartherm, Brunner, Leda, Schmid, Austrian fireplace inserts: Austroflamm, Czech fireplace inserts: Romotop, Bef, and Norwegian fireplace inserts: Dovre, Jotul.

A very efficient solution are fireplaces with thermal mass (heat-storing fireplaces). Instead of fireplace inserts they contain specialist fireplace stoves which are generally very deep and have a double glass. Due to this structure, fireplace stoves can quickly load the thermal mass with energy which will be emitted for many hours, even after the fire has burned out. Thermal mass is most frequently heat accumulation ducts or rings made of grog. Before the smoke reaches the chimney, it first gives back its energy to the thermal mass. Therefore, warmth loss is minimal.

Fireplace stoves with hot water exchanger still remain popular. Their central point is fireplace insert in water jacket. The fire in the fireplace heats the water in the water jacket of the insert, then the hot water is transported to the central heating system. Adequate electronic systems allow the fireplace to cooperate efficiently with gas or oil boilers, which is highly beneficial, especially in autumn and spring. Fireplace stoves with hot water exchanger can also heat utility water in the tank.

Recently, gas fireplaces have been increasingly popular. They can be easily connected to the gas network or to the gas cylinder. Their main advantages are always clean glass and incredible comfort, as the gas fireplace insert starts working immediately with the use of the remote control. Gas fireplaces are recommended especially for the hotels, restaurants and other public utility buildings.

A very good solution for clients living in the blocks of flats and those who do not have a chimney are bio fireplaces. Their fuel is bioethanol, which is ecological fuel.

On the other hand, pellet stoves are entirely automatic. They are usually free-standing and their fuel is pellets. After pouring some pellets from the bag, the fireplace will take the fuel itself at a specified time, will burn and emit quite a lot of warmth. Obviously, the flame in the pellet stoves is not as impressive as in case of wood fireplaces. 

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Apart from the fireplaces, we also produce all types of chimneys, branded as NIKO.

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We take measurements and perform installation in whole European Union and Norway, Sweden, Finland

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