The Laminam quartz sinters are definitely the hardest and the best finishing material in our offer, and what is most important – fully natural and ecological (100% recyclable). The Laminam quartz sinters are available in a very wide range of colour. They are from 3.5mm to 12mm thick, which causes a vast spectrum of their application. The Laminam quartz sinters are resistant to scratches, UV, graffiti, frost, temperatures and chemical factors, they can be used in a direct contact with food. Quartz sinters are used both inside and outside of the buildings, making worktops, window sills and ledges, fireplaces, cladding the walls, the furniture fronts, floors etc. The Laminam quartz sinters are available in large-sized slabs of 324x162cm. Their surfaces have various finishings.

Laminam Seta Or

Laminam Seta Liquorice

Laminam Oxide Nero

Laminam Oxide Bianco

Laminam Oxide Avorio

Laminam Ossido Verderame

Laminam Ossido Nero

Laminam Ossido Bruno

Laminam Naturali Pietra Grey

Laminam Naturali Noir Desir