We water-jet cut kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops of the Quarella granite-quartz conglomerates. Besides, we cut tops for coffee tables, tops for dining-room tables, including extendable tables., tops for office and conference room tables, tops for the tables in bars and restaurants, elements of the hotel, trade fair or health centres reception desk structures. Upon individual request we also water-jet cut emblems, logos, numbers, letters, symbols and various advertising gadgets.

Of the granite-quartz conglomerates we cut bespoke window sills.

Additionally, we water-jet cut in the granite-quartz conglomerate openings for induction plates and gas stoves, washbasins, dispensers, water filters, tap fittings, cooker hoods, sockets.

Thickness of the granite-quartz conglomerates in which we water-jet cut is 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm.

Always perfect parameters of the water-jet process guarantee the highest quality of cut elements and smoothness of the elements edges.

cięcie wodą water-jet usługi
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