Marbles are limestones, definitely softer than granites. Due to this feature, marbles are easy to work and carve. They appear in a wide range of colours. They are frequently used for fireplaces, not very intensely used surfaces, walls, window sills. Marble slabs are usually 2cm and 3cm thick, but sometimes thick slabs of 12cm, 15cm and more appear. Thicker marble templates are used to make carvings.

White Legno

Verde Guatemala

Swiss White


Spider Black

Silver Waterfall

Serres White

Serres White

Rosso Verona

Rosa Portogallo

Rojo Alicante

Rain Forest Green

Pietra Grey

Nero Tunezi

Nero Marquina

Grigio Piemonte

Grigio Legno

Diamond Oniciata

Crema Veneziana

Crema Marfil

Calacatta Paonazzo

Calacatta Berrini


Caffe Late