My company, together with ARPOL company from Zielona Góra, established the professor Paweł Murawa Foundation of Polish Surgery and Oncology cHOP. In the foundation board there are also Ms Kamilla Mowczan from ARPOL and Hanna Rubaszewska – a lawyer from Poznań. Establishing the foundation is also a great opportunity for our local environment, as the Chief of the Surgery Department in Zielona Góra Hospital is an outstanding specialist on a European scale – professor Dawid Murawa (second from the left in the photo). He performs very complex surgeries, frequently as the first one in Poland. Together, also with you, we want to create a great power to fight the cancer.

The aim of our new foundation will be buying the most modern equipment, which will allow the Professor and his crew to save the lives of our friends, relatives, and other people from whole Poland. Thanks to the financial support of the founders – ARPOL and CENTRUM KOMINA companies – a very modern device used in liver, pancreas and breast cancer surgeries will soon appear in our hospital (as the first one in Poland). We will also train young oncologic surgeons in the best centres around the whole world.

We really count on your support.