Quartz sinters are an exceptional finishing material, which apart from being elegantly aesthetic, is also characterised by perfect strength parameters. Strong sinters are used both inside and outside the buildings.

Our Franko Stone Centre offers a wide selection of quartz sinters manufactured of the noble raw materials, among others of quartz, shale, granite rocks and ceramic pigments. They are used to make large-sized slabs characterised by perfect performance characteristics. The material sintered in a very high temperature is a perfect alternative for traditional ceramic tiles, floor panels, wooden boards or natural stone.


Quartz sinters are used in many different ways thanks to their unlimited design possibilities. They fit well in the modern design trends, but they look beautiful also in classic, retro, vintage and eclectic interiors. With ultrathin plates we make cladding for walls, floors, facades, as well as kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops, cupboard fronts, fireplace structures and many more.

Wyspa kuchenna ze spieków kwarcowych, blat kuchenny ze spieków kwarcowych, okładzina ścienna ze spieków kwarcowych
Okładzina ścienna ze spieków kwarcowych w łazience z montażem

Advantages of quartz sinters

  • resistance to abrasion, chipping, mechanical damage
  • impeccably smooth and uniform surface
  • durability
  • easy treatment
  • functionality
  • small weight
  • they can be used in direct contact with food
  • a wide range of uses

Quartz sinters - properties

Surfaces made of quartz sinters are characterised by high resistance to detergents, disinfectants, chemical substances, intense use. They can be used in interiors of houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, doctor’s offices, public institutions and many other places.

Quartz sinters are resistant to moisture and very high temperatures, therefore they are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. They help maintain a high level of hygiene – they are resistant to stains, sags, mould. What is more, they do not absorb water. Surfaces made of sinters do not fade or crumble.

ciemny blat kuchenny ze spieków kwarcowych z montażem
Jasny blat kuchenny ze spieków kwarcowych z montażem

Unique quartz sinters – what makes them special?

  • resistance to damage, UV, extremely high temperatures or temperatures below zero,
  • resistance to acids and oils,
  • they are ecological, environmentally friendly,
  • a vast quantity of design possibilities
Benefits of Sintered Stone Laminam Frankoslab

The LAMINAM quartz sinters

The LAMINAM quartz sinters are one of the hardest finishing materials available in our offer. It is entirely natural and recyclable. It has various finishings, it is from 3.5mm to 20mm thick, and due to the wide range of colours easily blends with the interior design. The LAMINAM quartz sinters are resistant to mechanical damage, graffiti, temperature. They can be used in direct contact with food, therefore they are often installed in kitchens. They are used to manufacture worktops, fireplace cladding, window sills and ledges, flooring and many more. The LAMINAM quartz sinters are large-sized slabs of 324x162cm.

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FRANKO quartz sinters

Franko Centrum Kamienia Zielona Góra Logo Spieki Sprzedaż Hurt Frankoslab

Franko Stone Centre also offers ultrastrong FRANKO quartz sinters, fascinating with their timeless design, and at the same time showing high resistance to external factors. We offer the highest quality slabs made of quartz sinters in various shades (white, beige, grey, brown, graphite, black etc). FRANKO sinters are available polished and matt, from 6mm to 12mm thick. We deliver them in large-sized slabs of 324x162cm.

The use of the LAMINAM and FRANKO quartz sinters

The LAMINAM and FRANKO quartz sinters harmonise perfectly with the minimalistic style, but they also match ideally glamour designs. They fit into Scandinavian, urban jungle and loft aesthetics. They perfectly emphasise a modern design. They look really well accompanied by other natural materials, such as stone or wood

Quartz sinters – use:

  • residential and office space,
  • restaurants, cafes, eating places,
  • hotels, receptions, waiting rooms,
  • doctor’s offices, medical centres,
  • modern conference and training centres,
  • shops, boutiques, shopping centres,
  • balconies, terraces, facades,
  • winter gardens etc.
Blaty kuchenne ze spieków kwarcowych Laminam Calce Nero z montażem
Blat kuchenny ze spieków kwarcowych z montażem
Blat stołu ze spieków kwarcowych na wymiar

What can be made of quartz sinters?

  • kitchen worktops, table and desks tops,
  • reception desks,
  • door panels,
  • cupboards and other furniture fronts,
  • cladding of the walls, floors, window sills and ledges, stairs,
  • building facades, roof soffit,
  • monolith structure of the bathroom or kitchen,
  • structure of the fireplace, pillars etc

Installation of quartz sinters

Quartz sinters are much lighter than natural stone, which makes their installation at the destination easier and faster. In the slabs made of sinters, openings of any shapes and sizes can be cut. Franko Stone Centre offers comprehensive services of manufacturing, transportation and installation of the quartz sinters in the house, office, other place indicated by a customer. We guarantee professional service at every stage of the work. We have a modern machine park equipped with specialist, incredibly precise devices.

Blaty kuchenne ze spieków kwarcowych laminam z montażem

Maintenance of the surfaces made of quartz sinters

Surfaces made of quartz sinters are not problematic in everyday maintenance. Before starting cleaning the worktop or the cupboard front it is advisable to make a test on a small part of the material. It is best to remove dirt immediately. To clean the surfaces, you can use lukewarm water with a little amount of washing-up liquid, soap or detergent for worktops cleaning. Bigger stains should be cleaned with a soft sponge or cloth, and then the wet surface should be wiped with a kitchen towel or a dry cloth. Although the worktops made of sinters are resistant to scratches, it is better to avoid cleaning them with coarse pads or detergents with abrasive grains.

The LAMINAM quartz sinters and FRANKO quartz sinters – the highest quality, satisfaction guarantee

In our offer you will find a vast selection of quartz sinters colour versions. It will be our pleasure to help you find the product ideal for your needs. We will manufacture and install ready sinter slabs in your house or workplace. We will guarantee the highest quality of services and professional consulting. Check our offer!