elewacja ze spieków kwarcowych Laminam

Franko Stone Centre also offers various products visible on the outside of the house, which makes so-called exterior architecture:

  • facades or their elements made of quartz sinters,
  • window ledges made of granite or granite-quartz conglomerate, or also of quartz sinters,
  • soffits made of quartz sinters,
  • terraces made of quartz sinters, Interspiek or natural stones,
  • fences covered with quartz sinters or natural stone,
  • exterior stairs made of stones or quartz sinters,
  • other garden structures.

The Laminam quartz sinters deserve special attention. They are resistant to scratches, UV and graffiti. Unlike natural stones, quartz sinters are never overgrown with algae, even if the house is near the forest. Due to their great properties, quartz sinters remain beautiful for many years, therefore they can be assumed the best material to be used outside the house. We offer all our products with professional measurement and comprehensive installation. Private investors and construction and gardening companies, as well as obviously interior designers are welcome to cooperate with us.

We take measurements and perform installation in whole European Union and Norway, Sweden, Finland

Mapa Europy Spieki kwarcowe Laminam Hurt Franko