blat wyspy pod wymiar ze spieku kwarcowego

We are the manufacturer of the Franko Frolam kitchen fronts, including kitchen fronts made of quartz sinters and aluminium profiles. Our technology and CNC machine park lets us offer furniture fronts in three basic versions:

  • furniture fronts, where the front and the edges are covered by quartz sinters   – Franko Frolam Pure,
  • furniture fronts, where the quartz sinter front is set in a very thin aluminium frame – Franko Frolam Frame,
  • furniture fronts, where the quartz sinter front is equipped with a handle – Franko Frolam Hold.

We guarantee that all our furniture and kitchen fronts are manufactured with the highest precision which gives a beautiful effect.

Manufacturing kitchen fronts of quartz sinters is becoming more and more fashionable, as it gives a possibility to uniform the looks of the whole kitchen. The kitchen, where not only fronts, but also worktops, a washbasin, a kitchen island, walls and the floor has been made of quartz sinters, always looks exceptional and very modern. Taking into consideration the properties of the Laminam quartz sinters, which are resistance to scratches, UV, being a food contact material, the kitchen made of quartz sinters looks great not only when it is new, but also after many years.

Furniture manufacturers, kitchen studios and interior designers are welcome to cooperate with us.

We take measurements and perform installation in whole European Union and Norway, Sweden, Finland

Mapa Europy Spieki kwarcowe Laminam Hurt Franko