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Granite is a very hard rock which has been used for many years to manufacture kitchen worktops. A vast selection of designs, colours and structures of granite allows to arrange the kitchen beautifully. To make a monolith kitchen worktop, it is also possible to make a washbasin of the same granite. Currently, quartz sinters are a better, stronger, natural material for the kitchen tops. Nowadays, quartz sinters are the most modern material, which even after many years of usage remains unchanged. Our consultants will eagerly tell you about superiority of quartz sinters over granite.

Types of granite worktops

Kitchen worktops made of granite can be designed and manufactured for the cupboards and kitchen islands, both for horizontal and vertical surfaces. The tops surfaces can be matt (in a few versions) and polished. Granite parts can also be glued to the wall which creates amazingly impressive arrangements.

Parts of granite worktop

Granite tops can be manufactured and installed with any number of openings for sockets, heating plate, washbasin and other fittings. Edges of the granite kitchen worktops can be finished in different ways. As a standard they are polished and chamfered, but they can be rounded or shaped. The fittings can be put on the top or suspended. Our modern CNC machine park allows us also to manufacture tops which can be installed with the fittings, e.g. a heating plate, flush with the granite tops surface. We also offer washbasins entirely made of granite, integrated with the granite top. It gives an excellent visual effect. Granite (most frequently the same as on the kitchen top) can be also used as the cladding of the walls between the cupboards.

Measurement and manufacture of the granite kitchen worktops

Each of our customers can count on our counselling and very precise measurement with the use of a very modern laser. All kitchen tops are manufactured on the CNC machines and on the ultramodern water-jet cutting machine, which guarantees precision and the highest quality.

The granite worktops installation

We install the kitchen tops, both made of granite and the quartz sinters and conglomerates in whole European Union and Norway, Sweden, Finland. Contact one of our consultants to receive our comprehensive offer.

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How much does the granite kitchen worktop cost

The price of the kitchen worktop depends not only on its size, but also on many other factors, such as: a number of openings, methods of the fittings installation (is it supposed to be flush with the top), finishing of the edges and seams, the difficulty of the installation, the type of material, the quantity of waste. We guarantee a quick and thorough pricing to each of our customers. You are welcome to contact our consultants or to send a contact form – we will contact you within a few hours.