blat kuchenny ze spieków kominek ze spieku kwarcowego ława ze spieku kwarcowego blat na wymiar spiek kwarcowy na ścianę spiek kwarcowy na wymiar okładzina ścienna montaż sprzedaż wielki format płyta ze spieku fronty meblowe ze spieku kamień na wymiar

For many years we have been designing, processing and installing quartz sinters and natural stones. We are open to all ideas and challenges regarding the use of quartz sinters in broadly understood construction industry.

Our main groups of products made of quartz sinters and natural stones are:

  • kitchen worktops and islands,
  • Franko Sinklam integrated washbasins,
  • Franko Droplam integrated sinks,
  • walls,
  • window sills and ledges,
  • Techniko fireplaces and other fireplaces structures,
  • floorings,
  • Franko Frolam furniture fronts,
  • ventilated and glued facades,
  • the Interspiek terraces,
  • flowerpots,
  • Franko Tablam conference room tables,
  • Techniko Cover chimneys,
  • other design elements of interior and exterior architecture. 

Every private investor building or modernising their house or a flat, architects, kitchen furniture studios, construction and developer companies are welcome. Thanks to many years of our experience and involvement we work with all our hearts.

exterior architecture, offices, worktops, facades, furniture fronts, other designs, fireplaces, bathrooms, window sills and ledges, floorings, stairs, tables made of quartz sinters, walls, terraces, washbasins