ściany ze spieków kwarcowych

The Laminam quartz sinters are a material which is perfectly suitable to be glued to the wall. Quartz sinters have thickness of 3.5 mm or more and can be even slightly bentwood. A wide scale of colours and textures, as well as being large-sized slabs (even 324×162 cm) allow to impressively design the house or any other building interior.

Some models of quartz sinters are manufactured in a few versions of patterns with veins and it is possible to join them in one entity.

It is worth mentioning, that quartz sinters glued to the walls are resistant to all kinds of scratches, UV and it is extremely easy to keep them clean. Due to their properties, the quartz sinters will look the same for many years.

Making the walls of quartz sinters, we will assure their matching to all installations, e.g. sockets and switches, fittings, other openings.

Walls inside the home or other building can also be made of natural stones – marbles, travertines, granites, onyxes, sandstones. Onyxes can be additionally illuminated.

Both private investors and architects or interior designers are welcome. We will always try to choose optimal materials for the interior design and the budget.


We take measurements and perform installation in whole European Union and Norway, Sweden, Finland

Mapa Europy Spieki kwarcowe Laminam Hurt Franko