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Facades made of quartz sinters

The Laminam quartz sinters are a perfect material for facades in a single-family house or another building. The large-sized slabs made of the Laminam quartz sinters allow making a facade in modern style, but they will also look good with traditional architecture. Their vast advantage is high resistance to external factors, scratches, graffiti, UV and big temperature changes.

Quartz sinter for the facade

The LAMINAM quartz sinters allow making a unique building facade matching precisely individual investor’s preferences. The large-sized slabs are used to build facades of homes, offices and other public utility buildings. Quartz sinters will perfectly fit into the modern urban space. They harmonise extremely well with materials like wood, glass, metal or stone. They fit into current architectural and interior design trends.

Quartz sinters give unlimited arrangement possibilities. Due to advanced technologies used in the production process of the slabs, the material, regardless of the weather conditions, does not change the colour, keeps its original properties. Besides, it is easy to keep it clean and free from lichen and algae.

On the sinters, an additional layer – Hydrotect – may be applied. Thanks to it, the slabs clean themselves, are antibacterial, eliminate unpleasant smells and they even influence the air quality positively. How does it work? The layer’s work is related to the photocatalysis phenomenon. Natural cleaning is initiated by the strength of the sunlight, whereas rain removes the dirt remains. Therefore, the facade made of quartz sinters is both fully ecological and economical. It keeps impeccable looks for years!

Types of facades made of quartz sinters

The surface of the facade made of quartz sinters may look like cement, wet plaster, industrial concrete wood or steel. Quartz sinters in a shade of natural stone and smooth, polished slabs perfectly reflecting the sunshine are very popular. The sinters imitating concrete will fit very well the modern construction inspired by the industrial style. There is a large selection of colours – starting with white, through grey and beige, up to graphite and dark black. An interesting solution is using the same type of a quartz sinter on the building facade and inside, which creates a unique, incredibly harmonious entity.

Facade made of quartz sinters – measurement and manufacturing

Franko Stone Centre works comprehensively. We provide our customers with high quality slabs made of quartz sinters, we deliver the material to the chosen place, we perform installation. What is more, each customer can count on professional consulting on choosing an adequate product. We take very exact measurements using a modern laser. The large-sized slabs used in facades are manufactured on CNC machines and on the most modern water-jet cutting machine, which ensures the highest and unequalled quality.

The modern facade made of quartz sinters – installation

The facade can be made of quartz sinters in two ways. The first method is glueing the Laminam quartz sinters slabs directly to the insulator. The another method is glueing quartz sinters to aluminium substructure – it is so-called ventilated facade. Our long-time experience lets us create unique designs with the sinters playing the main part. What makes us special? Precision of performance, caring for the smallest detail, the highest quality of installation services.

How much does the facade made of quartz sinters cost?

The price of a facade made of quartz sinters does not depend only on the material and its size, but also on many other factors, such as: installation method, a number of openings, finishing the edges and seams, a quantity of wastes. We offer a thorough and fast pricing. You are welcome to contact our consultants or to send a contact form – we will contact you within a few hours.

We take measurements and perform installation in whole European Union and Norway, Sweden, Finland

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