Blaty ze spieków kwarcowych Laminam

Quartz sinters and stones in bathrooms

The Laminam quartz sinters impress with their exceptional beauty and durability. They are resistant to stains, chemical reagents, high temperatures, as well as abrasion and other mechanical damage. Slabs made of the sinters are impressively large, but very light at the same time.

The Laminam quartz sinters are a dream material to finish bathrooms. Beautiful, large-format slabs made of quartz sinters, entirely resistant to moisture, scratches and other factors, can be glued to the wall, but also can be used to make bathroom tops.

All seams of quartz sinters are made with incredible precision (perpendicular edges are joined at 45 degrees). As a result, parts of the sinters used in the bathroom create an optical monolith.

Obviously, every bathroom can be finished with natural stones, which are granites, marbles, onyxes. Our technical sales consultants will always try to choose the most optimal materials for each customer, taking the assumed budget into consideration.

Modern quartz sinters for the bathroom

The LAMINAM quartz sinters allow making a unique bathroom with modern flair. Large-format slabs are used to manufacture bathroom tops, cupboards fronts, sinks, bath structures, walls and floors coverings. Quartz sinters harmonise excellently with such materials as glass, wood, steel, stone, brick. They fit into the current interior design trends.

An innovative manufacturing process allows obtaining ultrastrong slabs which do not fade, are easy to keep clean, are resistant to bacteria and mould. They will be perfect as a bathroom top – they will not get damaged in contact with cosmetics or chemicals. A mixture of noble materials, pressed and sintered in a very high temperature, is much stronger than traditional ceramic tiles.

Natural stones and quartz sinters in bathroom design

A surface made of quartz sinters can imitate wet plaster, wood, steel or industrial concrete. The polished, perfectly smooth slabs are very popular. They are great for small rooms – they will brighten and enlarge optically every small space. Sinters bearing striking resemblance to industrial concrete can be used in designs inspired by industrial and loft style.

Franko company offers a wide selection of colours – from white, through grey and beige, up to graphite and dark black. We also offer timeless natural stones such as granite, marble, sandstone, onyx, and many more. All of them have exceptional aesthetic values and perfect strength parameters.

Bathroom sinks and other elements made of the sinters – measurement and manufacturing

The bathroom design with quartz sinters playing the main part looks neat and elegant. The Franko Droplam sinks, made entirely of quartz sinters, look incredibly impressive integrated with the bathroom top. Quartz sinters can be also used in the bathroom to build the bath structure, the toilet structure, on the flooring, as furniture fronts in cupboards and wardrobes (Franko Frolam).


All our customers can count on thorough consulting on choosing an adequate finishing material for the bathroom. We take all measurements very meticulously, using a modern laser. Large-format sinters slabs are manufactured on the CNC machines, as well as on the most modern water-jet cutting machine.

How much do quartz sinters cost?

The price of quartz sinters depends, among others, on the type of the material, the size of the slabs, as well as on the installation method, a number of openings (e.g. for the fittings), finishings of edges and seams or the quantity of waste. We guarantee quick and thorough pricing.

We encourage private investors and interior designers to see the full offer of our company. We guarantee the highest service at every stage of the project.

We take measurements and perform installation in whole European Union and Norway, Sweden, Finland

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