Marble – a metamorphic rock resulting from metamorphism of carbonate rocks, mostly limestones and dolomites under the influence of high temperature and pressure. Marble is easy to work, it can be easily polished, cut and carved. Its characteristics are high hardness and resistance to abrasion (lower than granite). In comparison to granite it is characterised by higher absorbability, so it is not recommended for wet areas. Contact with water or acids from the atmosphere and food products can cause stains which are difficult or impossible to remove. Marble captivates with the richness of available colours and patterns (black, white, green, blue, pink and many more), therefore it is frequently used for decorative finishing of flooring, walls, worktops, tables etc. Taking into consideration trade name, under the name “marble” other stones of similar features are available, including limestones, dolomites or conglomerates.