Product’s properties:

Chemical resistance: The slabs are resistant to organic and non-organic solvents, disinfectants and detergents. They can be easily cleaned without changing the surface characteristics. The only product which can damage the slabs is hydrofluoric acid.

Hygienic features of the surface: The slabs are perfect for food contact as they do not release any substances under the influence of water. They also do not let in mould, fungus and bacteria. The material has proper approvals for use in catering and medicine.

Resistance to wear: The slabs are very resistant to scratches and deep wear. Their features stay unchanged even in rough usage and frequent cleaning.

High resistance to bending: The slabs are characterised by high resistance to bending.

Resistance to frost: The value of water absorption by the slabs is 0.1%, so they are frost-proof and can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.

Reacting with fire: The slabs do not contain organic material, so they are resistant to fire and high temperature. In case of the fire, they do not emit smoke or toxic substances.

UV resistance: The slabs are entirely resistant to UV. They do not contain organic pigments and are UV resistant. Even in case of serious climate changes, their colours stay unchanged.

Ecological features and recycling: The slabs are an entirely natural material. They do not emit any substances to the environment and can be easily ground and recycled to be used in other production processes.

Resistant to graffiti: The slabs are the first surfaces resistant to graffiti, they are easy to clean and even the most resistant paints are removed from them easily.

25-year-guarantee for kitchen worktops: Kitchen worktops are most exposed to damage. Therefore the kitchen worktops are covered by 25-year-guarantee of the manufacturer.

ITB (Building Research Institute) technical appoval: the Laminam quartz sinters 3 and 3+ have acceptance certificate in construction in Poland. Technical Approval no ITB-KOT-2017/0224

CE MARKING: Laminam 5 has necessary declarations giving it approval for marketing in European Union.